What interior accessories should I consider?

There are a wide variety of interior accessories available. Good ones to consider installing are:

  • A screen protector for the main screen. Getting one with anti-glare makes the screen much more readable in sunlight, reduces fingerprints, and the added layer of protection against accidental impact is useful as well.
  • For Model 3 and Model Y, a USB hub that lets you “hide” the USB storage for DashCam/Sentry Mode. The best one out there is from Jeda, although it’s also the pricest. There is a cheap (both in price and quality) alternative from TapTes, but be warned that the TapTes device is not a true USB hub and may actually damage your car’s USB port if you plug in a USB-C device at the same time as a USB storage device in the compartment.
  • All-weather floor mats. Tesla sells them, and Maxpider makes good ones too.