The Club:
We are a Maryland and DC based club. We are officially recognized by Tesla and abide by their restrictions and recommendations. We also benefit from their influence, resources, and by having direct communications with them.
We have members all over Maryland and DC. We want representation all over Maryland. We are an inclusive and respectful group. We want to work with and support other Tesla and EV groups. We want to support Tesla and Tesla’s mission.

To be an Officer for the Maryland Tesla Owners Club, you must:

  • Live in Maryland or Washington, DC. If not, you can still participate in club activities, just not serve as an officer.
  • You must own a Tesla.
  • Must attend 90% of the meetings. Most meetings will be on Zoom or have a Zoom connection.
  • Plan to be “here” for a least about 6 months. After that, we will look at having elections (or whatever the board decides) in early 2021.

Positions: (The responsibilities and full descriptions of these positions will be defined by you, the first officers).

  • Vice President: Keep the President in line. Help the president (with the help of the other officers) to establish the club and its rules and direction.
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer: To track the income and expenditures of the club. Also to club determine and implement the club as an LLC, 501(c)(3), or (c)(7). Prepare what is needed for Tax season.
  • Media Director: Know and work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Web (currently WordPress), YouTube Zoom, and Slack. Coordinate other members to support the effort.
  • Program Director: Setup Programs, Events, and Coordinate Recruitment.
  • Other: You may suggest a position. We may not (mostly not) add a new position at this time, but we may or may in the future.

Future Positions:

  • There will be more positions as the club is fully developed. We are based in Poolesville, Maryland, but hope to have officer representation all over DC and Maryland, to include Southern Maryland, Baltimore, Eastern Shore, and more. We may have regional officer positions. After about 6 months, I plan to step down as President and move to Executive Director, so the president position will be available.

The Process:

  • You may sign up anytime during the next 2 weeks plus (through July 17)
  • We will spend a week reviewing, clarifying information (through July 24), and contacting new officers.
  • Announcing the new Officers! (July 29).